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BeatNic Twist-T3S
BeatNic Twist-T3S

BeatNic Twist-T3S

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BeatNic Twist-T3S Starter Kit Description

Without a doubt, our BeatNic Twist-T3S is the best performing e-cigarette that we sell. It features two of the best e-cigarette components made - an 1,100 mAh EVOD Twist Variable Voltage Battery and a Kanger T3S clearomizer.

This is not a small cig-alike. In fact, it is the largest of all of our e-cigarette models. That said, it is not one of those massive flashlight sized things that you see some people using; it is just slightly larger than our BeatNic Form e-cigarette (about and inch and a half longer).

Two 1,100 mAh Kanger EVOD VV batteries come with this kit. These Twist batteries are not only great because they last almost twice as long as standard 650 mAh Joye eGo batteries, but because they are variable voltage batteries, you can adjust the amount of vapor you get to suit your own personal preference by turning a dial on the bottom of the battery, adjusting the output from anywhere between 3.3 and 4.8 volts. Better still, the recessed button on an EVOD Twist battery makes it not only more sleek, but if it is dropped, it won't jamb the button as often as happens with e-cig batteries that have extended buttons.

The large, 2.8 ml capacity Kanger T3S clearomizer that comes with our BeatNic Twist-T3S starter kit compliments the long lasting batteries perfectly. You can vape for quite awhile before ever needing an e-liquid refill. More important, the Kanger T3S clearomizer cranks out clouds of vapor, doesn't leak and never gets a burnt taste. Unless you vape while hanging upside down, it's almost impossible to get e-juice in your mouth with a Kanger T3S.

Our Twist-T3S Starter Kits come with a carrying pouch as well as an empty 10ml Needle Tip Bottle that you can use to make filling the clearomizer even easier. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our Twist-T3S kits DO NOT include e-liquid. Without e-juice, your e-cigarette is useless. If you do not have e-juice already, you will NEED TO BUY A BOTTLE OF E-LIQUID. You can buy E-Liquid here. Also, the color of the clearomizer may or may not be the pictured color. We purchase whatever color is available at the lowest cost in order to keep prices down.

Our Discount Twist-T3S starter kits include:

  • (2) 1,300 mAh EVOD Twist VV batteries
  • (1) Kanger T3S Clearomizer
  • (2) Kanger T3S atomizer coils (one 2.5 ohms; one 2.2 ohm)
  • (1) eGo USB and AC battery charger
  • (1) 10ml empty needle tip bottle
  • (1) Carrying pouch
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE E-JUICE! You can buy E-Liquid here.

PLEASE NOTE: Based upon availability, we will sometimes need to change the color of the clearomizer included with the Twist-T3S kits. It will always be the battery color, clear or smokey black, depending upon what we have in stock at the time. Once it is filled with e-liquid, you can't really tell what color the clearomizer is anyway!

Other Details:

  • Length: 177 mm
  • Width: 14 mm
  • Manufacturer: Kangertech

CAUTION: Batteries can be dangerous if not handled with care. Please click here for instructions on e cigarette battery safety.

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