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Eventually, things just sit on the shelves too long and we have to move them out to make room for items that are more popular.

In most cases, the products listed on this page are legacy electronic cigarette items - things that are not being bought and sold a whole lot anymore. If you are using a legacy device, you know how hard some of these things are to find!

From time to time, you will find a few bargains on e-juice flavors here, too. We need to get rid of flavors that are less popular and make room for new ones that may appeal to a wider audience. 

The following E-Cigarette products have been marked down to BELOW the prices we paid for them. Please note that there are limited quantities available of these products and once they have all been sold, they will be removed from the site forever!

PLEASE NOTE: All sales on closeout items are final and no warranty other than DEAD ON ARRIVAL is offered on them!
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Joye 510 E-Cig Travel Case
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Clip-on E Cigarette Case
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