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E-Cig Cartridges & Tanks

The great thing about e-cigarette tanks and cartridges is that, compared to other e-cig components, they don't need to be replaced very often. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive.

If you are using an actual cartridge with filler material, you may have to replace yours more often. Even if you clean the filler material, it eventually loses its shape and doesn't hold e-juice very well after too many cleanings.

If you are using tank cartridges, the holes eventually widen after being pulled off and inserted onto atomizer heads, which causes them to leak. That, or people chew on the tips and eventually mangle them.

Below, you will find the e-cigarette cartridges and tanks that we carry - all of which correspond to the e-cig starter kits that we sell. Underneath the product listings, you will find answers to questions we frequently get about e-cig cartridges and tanks as well as a few tips on how to fill and clean them.
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Ovale Type-C (eGo-C) Tank Cartridges - 3 Pack
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Ovale eCab Tank Cartridges - 3-pack
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Type-C Conversion Kit
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