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EVOD Twist 1,100 mAh Variable Voltage Battery

EVOD Twist 1,100 mAh Variable Voltage Battery

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  • Variable voltage: 3.3 volts - 4.8 volts
  • 1,100 mAh capacity
  • eGo threads

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Discount EVOD Twist Variable Voltage Battery Description

If you want to be able to control the amount and warmth of vapor you receive and adjust it to suit your tastes for any given e-liquid flavor, a variable voltage battery is a MUST. In fact, once you have tried a variable voltage battery, you'll never want to go back to a regular e-cigarette battery!

There are a lot of variable voltage batteries out there and we've tried a ton of them. Of all that we have tried, the EVOD Twist is one of the best. The reasons are pretty simple:

  • The 1,100 mAh capacity of the Twist battery gives you a ton of vaping time before ever needing to recharge it. Even though it is a very large capacity battery, it isn't much bigger than an 1,100 mAh BeatNic eGo battery.

  • The EVOD Twist 1,100 mAh Variable Voltage eGo Battery is a very reliable battery. We have never had a problem with any Twist battery. Because it has a recessed button, it rarely jams - even if you drop it.

  • The Twist V.V. had an easier to turn adjustment knob without being too easy to turn (when it's too easy, batteries start self-adjusting in your pocket).

If you are looking for a battery that you can adjust the voltage with but don't want to spend a ton of money, this is the e cigarette battery you want. Our Discount EVOD Twist 1,100 mAh Variable Voltage eGo Battery is much more affordable than battery tube mods.

Other Details:

  • Length: 119mm
  • Diameter: 15mm
  • Manufacturer: Kangertech

CAUTION: Batteries can be dangerous if not handled with care. Please click here for instructions on e cigarette battery safety.

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