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Kanger T3S Clearomizer
Kanger T3S Clearomizer

Kanger T3S Clearomizer

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  • Fits any eGo threaded battery
  • Includes one replaceable 2.5 ohm coil
  • E-Liquid Capacity: Up to 3ml
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Discount Kanger T3S Clearomizer Description

We've tried a lot of clearomizers out over the past couple of years and until we found the Kanger T3S Clearomizer, we'd pretty much given up all hope of finding a decent clearomizer.

All of the other clearomizers we had tried had one or all of the following problems:

  1. They leaked
  2. They eventually produced a burnt taste
  3. They were hard to fill
  4. They made the e-juice taste bad
  5. They were bulky and ridiculous looking

The Kanger T3S Clearomizer is without a doubt, the best slim form clearomizer on the market. It doesn't leak, it produces amazing vapor and there is never a burnt taste. It looks great, too!

Kanger T3S Clearomizer features include:

  • Translucent clearomizer tube with ml markings
  • Easy to replace, inexpensive atomizer coils (one 2.5 ohm atomizer coil included)
  • No leak atomizer collar
  • Bottom coil design
  • Can be filled with any type of bottle (needle tip not required)
  • Fits any eGo style threaded battery (650 mAh Go, 1,100 mAh eGo, SMOK Winder, etc.)
  • Holds up to 2.8 ml of e-liquid

Just screw the atomizer collar onto the outer threads of your eGo style battery, screw a T3S atomizer coil into the collar, fill the clearomizer tube and screw it onto the other end of the sleeve.

You don't need a needle tip bottle or syringe with a Kanger T3S. Just twist the atomizer collar and battery off of the clearomizer, tilt the clearomizer to the side and fill it up (a needle tip bottle DOES make it easier, though). Unlike other clearomizers, the mouthpiece is permanently attached to the clearomizer which means it can be re-filled at any time, whether it is empty or half full already.

The T3S clearomizer comes with one 2.5 ohm atomizer coil but you will certainly need to get more coils sooner or later. You can buy Kanger T3S Atomizer Coils here with either 1.8 ohm or 2.2 ohm resistance (lower resistance means more and warmer vapor but less useful life and less battery life).

PLEASE NOTE: Special care should be taken to NOT get e-liquid inside of the atomizer coil tube when you are filling your T3S, which is why you should tilt it slightly while filling it. Also, take care not to over-fill the clearomizer. The e-juice level must remain below the atomizer coil tube. And, please, DO NOT let the clearomizer run completely dry!

Other Details:

  • Length: 70mm
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Manufacturer: Kangertech
  • Color: A variety of colors are available but we do not guarantee any specific color.
SPECIAL NOTE: The color of the clearomizer may or may not be the pictured color. We purchase whatever color is available at the lowest cost in order to keep prices down.

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