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Kanger T3S Coils - 2 Pack
Kanger T3S Coils - 2 Pack

Kanger T3S Coils - 2 Pack

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Discount Kanger T3S Coils Description

At BeatNic Vapor, we only sell AUTHENTIC Kanger T3S coils - not the cheap knockoffs sold on many other websites. There IS a difference!

Made specifically to fit the Kanger T3S Clearomizer, Kanger T3S coils are what is responsible for the outstanding performance of the T3S clearomizer.

Sold in convenient 2-packs, our Kanger T3S coils are 2.2 ohm coils, which are low resistance coils compared to the 3.4 ohm ones that come with a T3S clearomizer.

T3S coils screw into a T3S clearomizer, forming a tight seal so that it NEVER leaks. Unless you are vaping while standing on your head, it's almost impossible to get e-juice in your mouth using a T3S clearomizer!

Please Note: Standard resistance coils tend to have a longer life and do not drain a battery as much as low resistance coils do. Also keep in mind that the higher the voltage a battery is, the higher the resistance your atomizer coils should be. Of course, if you are using a variable voltage battery like a SMOK Winder, it doesn't really matter which resistance coils you use. You can adjust the voltage of the battery to match whatever coil you use.

Each Discount Kanger T3S coil that we sell is backed by a 7 day warranty, too - something unheard of in this industry. Most companies, including the manufacturer, only offer Dead On Arrival warranties on atomizer coils!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you take at least five dry puffs on your clearomizer without pressing the button on your battery before you begin vaping normally. This will ensure that your T3S coils are primed with e-liquid and that you get a satisfactory vape from the beginning. The vapor will continue to get better as you break your T3S coil in. You will know it is time to replace your Kanger T3S coil when vapor starts to diminish appreciably or if it starts to leak because the seal is worn down.

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