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Other E-Cigarette Parts and Hardware

Although most of the e-cigarette parts listed here last forever, we realize that things get misplaced from time to time or fall into strange places where they just can't be easily retrieved.

If it's just a standard eGo cone that you have misplaced, you can use your e-cigarette fine without it (you'll just look a little strange). Some e-cigarette hardware, you absolutely need in order for your electronic cigarette to work, though. Both the eCab and eGo-C cones are absolutely vital to your e-cigarette - they are what holds the atomizer heads in place, after all.

If you are still using a standard eGo or an eGo-T, you should definitely check out our Type-C Conversion Kit. We are the ONLY place that sells them and you can easily convert your old style eGo into the more modern version that offers better vapor, better flavor and no leaks!

Ovale eCab battery housings are known to fail from time to time - especially after being dropped or taking a spin in the clothes dryer. I would definitely keep one extra one of those in my backup supplies, just in case.

All of the e-cig parts and hardware you'll find here match the e-cigarette models we carry; you won't find anything here unless we sell the e-cigarette starter kit. And, like everything at BeatNic Vapor, it all ships lightning fast via USPS Priority Mail!

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