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Ovale Type-C Atomizer Heads - 2 Pack
Ovale Type-C Atomizer Heads - 2 Pack

Ovale Type-C Atomizer Heads - 2 Pack

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  • Includes 2 atomizer heads
  • 2.2 ohm resistance
  • Fits eCab, eGo-C and BeatNic Form Type-C e-cigarettes

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Ovale Type-C (eGo-C) Atomizer Heads Description

All of the Type-C starter kits sold on this website use eGo-C (also called "Type-C") atomizer heads. These include the eGo-C and eCab e-cigarettes.

The eGo-C atomizer head was Ovale's breakthrough invention that revolutionized the tank cartridge and the way people vape. For the first time, e-cigarette users could fill a tank and get fantastic flavor without ever experiencing a burnt taste. They were also the first no-leak tank cartridges ever made.

Sold in convenient two-packs, our discount Type-C Atomizer Heads are made by JoyeTech for Ovale and we purchase them directly from Ovale, so you know that they are genuine. DON'T BUY CHEAP KNOCKOFFS - they don't work well, do not last very long and are known to leak!

PLEASE NOTE: Standard resistance Type-C atomizer heads can only be used with Style-A eGo-C cones and tank cartridges. They WILL NOT work properly if you have the larger, straight cylinder Type-C eGo cone. Ovale's low resistance atomizer heads will work with Type-A AND Type-B eGo-C cones.

IMPORTANT: You should always take five drags from your e-cigarette without pressing the button when using a new atomizer head in order to prime it. After taking the five "dry" puffs, you can press the button and use your e-cig as you normally would.

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