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Ovale eCab Battery
Ovale eCab Battery

Ovale eCab Battery

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  • Works with Ovale eCab e-cigarette only
  • 360 mAh
  • 3.3 volts
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Ovale eCab Battery Description

Although Ovale eCab batteries are certainly bigger than Joye 510 batteries, they still don't last nearly as long as some of the bigger batteries being made for electronic cigarettes these days. At 360 mAh, they'll last between 3 and 6 hours for most people, depending how much they vape and how many times they have been charged.

All Ovale eCab starter kits sold here at BeatNic Vapor come with two batteries but you may find that you need more than that if you are going to be without a charger for an extended period of time. Besides, it's always a good idea to have a backup Ovale eCab Battery. You never know when your old ones will give up the ghost and no longer accept a charge!

Our discount eCab Batteries are either black or gray (sorry; we never know what color Ovale is going to ship us, so you cannot specify a color when ordering). These are NOT the generic knockoffs you see so many websites selling these days - they come straight to us from Ovale - EXCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!

Unlike a lot of electronic cigarette batteries that are molded into the e-cigarette's battery casing, Ovale eCab batteries are standalone batteries that are roughly the size of AAA batteries. Because you are not paying for the battery housing and button, eCab batteries are definitely cheaper than many other e-cigarette batteries, so there is no excuse not to have at least a couple of extra ones, just in case!

(price shown is for one eCab battery)

*IMPORTANT: Only use official Ovale batteries with your Ovale eCab. Using any other type of battery could permanently damage your eCab and could also pose a fire hazard. Using anything but official Ovale eCab batteries will void the warranty on every component of an Ovale eCab e-cigarette including the charger. Ovale eCab batteries require an Ovale eCab charger and should not be used with any other type of charger. Using anything but an Ovale eCab charger will void the warranty on these batteries and could pose a significant fire risk. You can purchase an Ovale eCab charger here!

CAUTION: Batteries can be dangerous if not handled with care. Please click here for instructions on e cigarette battery safety.

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