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Ovale eCab Tank Cartridges - 3-pack
Ovale eCab Tank Cartridges - 3-pack

Ovale eCab Tank Cartridges - 3-pack

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  • Works with Ovale eCab e-cigarette only
  • Capacity: 1.2ml
  • Flat tip - includes hard and soft caps
  • Color: Clear
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Ovale eCab Tank Cartridges Description

Made specifically for the Ovale eCab, these flat tipped Ovale eCab cartridges are the same tank cartridges that come with the original eCab starter kits sold on this website and they won't fit anything except eCab e-cigarettes.

An Ovale eCab tank cartridge holds about 30 drops of e-juice and contains none of the old school e-juice-wasting filler material. You will always be able to see exactly how much e-liquid is left in the tank cartridge because they are clear. You'll also be able to vape every single drop of e-juice before needing to refill your tank cartridge.

Our three-pack of Ovale eCab tank cartridges not only include the hard caps, three soft caps are also included, as well. This way, if you don't feel like prying off the hard caps every time you need to refill, you can substitute the soft ones, which are far easier to pop on and off.

Better yet, why not make it super easy and get yourself an empty needle tip bottle? Just insert the needle tip into the small hole in your tank cartridge cap and never deal with the hassle of popping the cap off and on again!

There are plenty of knockoffs being sold by many websites that are not the same and are known to leak. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES! Only Ovale makes these tank cartridges.

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