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Ovale eGo-C Cone
Ovale eGo-C Cone

Ovale eGo-C Cone

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  • Fits BeatNic eGo and most eGo threaded batteries
  • Includes Type-C adapter collar
  • Color: Black with silver collar
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Ovale eGo-C Cone Description

While it is true that the atomizer cones on most e-cigarettes are merely hollow tubes that serve no purpose other than to make the e-cig more visually appealing, that is not the case with an eGo-C cone. In fact, it is an essential part of what makes it possible to use a standard eGo style battery with the better performing eGo-C atomizers and eGo-C tank cartridges.

Just place a Type-C atomizer head in the center of your eGo battery post and screw the eGo-C cone down over it. The cone will hold the atomizer head in place and ensure that it is making contact with the battery while also centering it so that the heating head inserts into the tank cartridge. Then, push a filled tank cartridge onto your cone and start vaping!

These are factory-direct official eGo cones made by Ovale - not the cheap and leaky substitutes that you see many places selling. An Ovale eGo-C Cone will fit on most eGo threaded batteries and works perfectly with the 650 mAh eGo and 1,100 mAh eGo batteries sold on this website. It  WILL NOT WORK on a SMOK Winder battery!

You can easily convert your standard or mega eGo or BeatNic Form e-cigarette into a more reliable, convenient and lower cost Type-C device. Just purchase one of our Type-C Conversion Kits to get everything you need!

Please note: This eGo-C Cone is a Style "A" cone, meaning it is actually cone shaped (not the straight cylinder Style "B" shape). It includes the cone and the adapter ring.

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