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Type-C Conversion Kit
Type-C Conversion Kit

Type-C Conversion Kit

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  • Converts standard/mega eGo into Type-C e-cig
  • Fits most eGo threaded batteries
  • Includes, cone, tanks and atomizer heads
  • Color: Black with silver collar and clear tanks
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Type-C Conversion Kit Description

At BeatNic Vapor, we are proud to say that we are the ONLY electronic cigarette company selling eGo-C conversion kits online. Of course, that's probably because we are the only company that has thought of packaging the proprietary eGo-C (also called "Type-C") cone this way.

Invented by Ovale, Type-C atomizer heads and tanks finally gave vapers a reliable tank system for their eGo e-cigarettes that didn't leak, rendered the flavor of e-liquid perfectly and never had a burnt taste. In fact, no atomizer or clearomizer system can make your e-juice taste better than this!

These kits include the special eGo-C cone, which holds the atomizer heads in place on the battery, a couple of eGo-C atomizer heads and three eGo-C tank cartridges - everything you need to convert your old standard eGo or eGo-T kit into an eGo-C e-cigarette. We even throw in an empty 10 ml needle tip bottle to make filling your cartridges even easier!

Better still, it works with most eGo threaded batteries. You can use this conversion kit with the eGo batteries sold on this website, for instance. It WILL NOT work with SMOK Winder batteries, for some reason.

Sure, you could buy an eGo-C Cone, eGo-C Tank Cartridges and Type-C atomizer heads separately, but why do that when you can save a little money and purchase them all together? 

All components in this kit are made by Ovale - the original inventor of the eGo-C. Please don't be tempted into buying knockoffs - they aren't the same at all!

Our eGo-C Conversion Kit includes:

  • (1) Ovale eGo-C Cone (Type "A" - cone shaped)
  • (2) Standard Resistance Ovale Type-C Atomizer Heads
  • (3) Ovale eGo-C Tank Cartridges (includes 3 hard caps and 3 soft caps)
  • (1) 10 ml Empty Needle Tip Bottle

This conversion kit will work with any 510 threaded battery including the eGo, T-Rex and Evolution-X batteries sold on this website. Stop monkeying around, trying to clean your atomizers and stuffing filler material into cartridges. Buy a Type-C Conversion Kit today and start experiencing the convenience, lower cost and easy maintenance of the latest e-cig technology today!

Please Note: You should always take five drags from your e-cigarette without pressing the button with a new atomizer head in order to prime it. After taking the five "dry" puffs, you can press the button and use your e-cigarette. Please click the User's Guide tab, above, for full instructions on how to assemble and use the Type-C Atomizer Kit.

If you want a little bit more and slightly warmer vapor, consider buying Ovale Low Resistance Type-C atomizer heads (sold separately).

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