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Fill Out This Short Form OR Say Goodbye To Your Favorite E-cigs & E-Juice Forever!

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 6/4/2016

FDA brings hammer down on e-cigsThe utterly corrupt FDA may have imposed new rules on the e-cig industry that could wipe the industry out, but they can be beat. Fill out this super short form and fight for your right to vape. It will send a letter to the president and all of your  representatives demanding action against the FDA's onerous rules.

Harvard Study On E-Cigarette Flavorings Is Highly Suspect

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 12/9/2015

Although I am all for making e-cigarettes as safe as they can be, I know how things work in the world today. Money controls EVERYTHING! I was recently asked for my response to a new Harvard study that implies that virtually all favored e-liquids are harmful. Here is my take on the study ...

The Latest E-Cig Ploy - "FDA Registered" E-Liquid Companies

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 11/2/2015 to News

The Latest E-Cig Ploy - "FDA Registered" E-Liquid CompaniesDon't fall for the latest scam by e-liquid vendors - that they are "FDA registered." The FDA hasn't even published its guidelines and certainly hasn't approved any companies' e-juice. It's meaningless and just a way to sell juice by praying on consumer fears.

Bogus E Cigarette Study Shows Harm to Lung Cells (or does it?)

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 8/22/2015 to News

Another agenda-driven research study claims e cigarette vapor may cause cancer. See why this conclusion is highly suspect and add this to your arsenal for battling those who think that e-cigarettes are harmful.

Fox News Host Blasts Government About Their Stance On E-Cigarettes

Posted by Scott McKirahan on 4/5/2015 to News

When Greg Gutfeld of Fox News said that government's opposition to e-cigarettes was about tax dollars, he only got it half right. There are many other entities, many of which are supposedly acting on behalf of public health, that don't want to see anything threaten the tobacco industry!