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iSmoka eLeaf Mini Battery
iSmoka eLeaf Mini Battery

iSmoka eLeaf Mini Battery

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iSmoka eLeaf Mini Battery Description

What makes the iSmoka eLeaf Mini different from all of the other electronic cigarettes sold on this website is the battery. It is the only e-cigarette kit we sell that has an automatic battery.

An automatic battery e-cigarette does not have a button on it, which allows users to vape hands-free, if they like. Similar to smoking a real cigarette, all you need to do is inhale and the battery automatically senses that your are inhaling and begins to supply power to the atomizer head.

Here, you will find the same iSmoka eLeaf Mini batteries that come with the starter kits we sell. Available in either black or white, these are genuine iSmoka eLeaf Mini batteries - not the knockoffs you see so many other places selling. EXCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES! Only a genuine iSmoka eLeaf Mini battery is built to last!

PLEASE NOTE: This iSmoka eLeaf Mini battery only works with eLeaf Mini atomizers and an eLeaf Mini atomizer base. It can only be charged with an eLeaf Mini pass-through charging cable and cannot be used with any other e-cigarette batteries or atomizers.

Other Details:

  • Length: 65mm
  • Diameter: 9.2mm
  • Manufacturer: iSmoka

CAUTION: Batteries can be dangerous if not handled with care. Please click here for instructions on e cigarette battery safety.

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