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iSmoka eLeaf Mini Clearomizer Tube

iSmoka eLeaf Mini Clearomizer Tube

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  • Works with iSmoka Mini eLeaf only
  • Clearomizer tube only - atomizer coil not included
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iSmoka eLeaf Mini Clearomizer Tube Description

An iSmoka eLeaf Mini clearomizer tube is what holds your e-liquid in an eLeaf Mini e-cigarette. It screws into an eLeaf atomizer base, which screws into the battery, and holds an eLeaf atomizer coil in place.

All it takes is a good drop where your e-cig lands the wrong way and you can damage your atomizer tube. Because of that, it never hurts to have an extra one, just in case!

If you broke your eLeaf Mini clearomizer or if you want another one - just in case - you can get it here.

These are genuine iSmoka eLeaf Mini clearomizers - not the knockoffs you see so many other places selling. EXCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES! Only a genuine iSmoka eLeaf Mini clearomizer tube is made to fit eLeaf atomizer coils perfectly and prevent leakage.

PLEASE NOTE: This clearomizer tube only works with eLeaf Mini atomizers and an eLeaf Mini atomizer base. It DOES NOT include the atomizer head, atomizer base or the mouthpiece!

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