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iSmoka eLeaf Mini iKit
iSmoka eLeaf Mini iKit

iSmoka eLeaf Mini iKit

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  • Mini cigarette size
  • 220 mAh battery
  • Includes passthrough cable
  • Color: Black or White
  • E-juice NOT INCLUDED!

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iSmoka eLeaf Mini Starter Kit Description

For many years, the best automatic battery mini e-cigarette you could buy was the DSE901, made by Sailebao (SLB). It was based upon technology that is nearly a decade old - the same technology being used by the poor performing, unpredictable mini e-cigs being sold by the tobacco companies in convenience stores today.

Batteries that turn themselves on, die quickly or don't work at all characterize those old-technology mini e-cigs. Poor vapor production is a given with that archaic technology, too. Sure, they may look like a real cigarette, but you want something you can depend on, right? Otherwise, you're back to using the traditional cancer sticks (which is what the tobacco companies really want).

The eLeaf Mini is, by far, the best "cig-alike" made today. Approximately the size of a real tobacco cigarette, the eLeaf Mini is the perfect e-cigarette choice for people who want to transition from real cigarettes to a size and shape they are familiar with.

Unlike most e-cigarettes, the mini eLeaf e-cigarette has an automatic battery that senses when you are inhaling. You don't have to press and hold a button; it works just like a regular cigarette. Instead of burning tobacco leaves, you get vapor.

The 2.2 ohm atomizer head on the iSmoka eLeaf Mini really cranks vapor and it renders e-liquid flavors better than anything they are selling in convenience stores, too. Because they are refillable, you won't have to spend a fortune on cartridges like you do with convenience store cig-alikes, either. Just buy a bottle of e-liquid and keep filling it when your e-juice starts to run low. Even the eLeaf Mini Atomizer Heads are super affordable and easily replaced when vapor production starts to to get weak.

Like all mini e-cigarettes, the eLeaf does have its shortcomings. The flat tipped tank cartridges are nice because you can hold the e-cig in your teeth like you can do with a tobacco cigarette and puff on them hands-free. The tanks only hold .8 mm of e-liquid, though, so you will be filling it far more frequently than you would with a larger e-cigarette.

The small 220 mAh battery does not last very long, either - about 2-3 hours depending on how often you puff on them. Fortunately, they come with a pass-through cable, so as long as you are next to a USB port, you can tether your iSmoka Mini eLeaf to your computer and vape forever without draining your battery. The USB charging cord attaches to the eLeaf Mini's battery magnetically.

Most eLeaf users decide that they'd like to have a little more freedom than that, so they order extra eLeaf Mini batteries and keep them in their pockets while on the go. Then, they charge all of the batteries they have used when they get home.

PLEASE NOTE: Our eLeaf Kits DO NOT include e-liquid. Without e-juice, your e-cigarette is useless. If you do not have e-juice already, you will NEED TO BUY A BOTTLE OF E-LIQUID. You can buy E-Liquid here.

IMPORTANT: You MUST have a device with a powered USB port (like any computer) to charge this e cigarette. If you don't have any devices with USB ports, you can buy a USB AC E Cigarette Charger here. You won't need the 510/eGo charging cord that comes with it but you can plug the adapter into the wall and your eLeaf Mini into the USB port. If you are traveling, you can also purchase a USB Car Charger Adapter to charge your eLeaf Mini while on the go.

The biggest downside to the eLeaf Mini is that there is only one of everything included in a kit. If you need two separate e-cigarettes, order two kits. 

Each iSmoka eLeaf Mini iKit features the following:

  • (1) Atomizer Head
  • (1) Rechargeable 220mAh automatic lithium ion battery
  • (1) Clearomizer tube with atomizer base
  • (1) eLeaf Mini mouthpiece
  • (1) Magnetic USB pass-through charging cable
  • (1) 10 ml empty needle tip bottle
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE E-JUICE! You can buy E-Liquid here.

Other Details:

  • Length: 117.22 mm
  • Diameter: 9.2 mm
  • Liquid Capacity: .8ml
  • Manufacturer: iSmoka

CAUTION: Batteries can be dangerous if not handled with care. Please click here for instructions on e cigarette battery safety.

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